About Killgurl

About Killgurl

Lori “killgurl” Cannon has grown up in the small town of Robbinsville, NC.  Now a growing tourist destination for enthusiasts of excellent curvy roads, white water rafting and hiking, Lori caught the bug for motorcycles and sportscars several years ago and has owned 3 sportbikes, a supermotard, and loves driving her Honda S2000 everywhere she can.  Teaming up with her husband Darryl “killboy” Cannon, they run killboy.com, the original Tail of the Dragon photography website featured in dozens of magazines and several television shows.

Lori’s makeup skills and modeling prowess have garnered high praise from many established artists and creative directors, and landed her in several magazines including the cover of a local Knoxville magazine.  She has a successful makeup tutorial channel on YouTube, and has worked with local photographers to prepare the makeup for their models before shoots.  Feel free to contact Lori today if you are in need of professional makeup services by a young lady who is a pleasure to work with.

Lori has always had a creative nature, and her passion for stylish footwear drove her to try her hand at customizing a few pairs of her own heels.  The designs were so well-received by everyone who saw them, that requests were immediately being made.  So she stocked up on new product, spent the winter customizing as many as she could, and this store is the result of that passion.

Each design is the result of hours of work.  If you see a design you like in your size, feel free to pick up a pair and support Lori so she can keep doing this.  If you don’t see a design you like in your size, leave a size request in the comments below them and we’ll let you know when a pair is ready for you to view.

Thanks for checking out our store and we hope you share what you find here with your friends!

About Killgurl Shoes

The designs featuring glass use real shattered glass that can cut you.  Handle with care, but the pieces are typically arranged in a tight pattern that makes it more difficult to cut yourself than you might expect.  They can be handled gently in a normal fashion and we’ve yet to cut ourselves on the dozens of pairs that have been made so far wearing no gloves.

The adhesive used is not “Super Glue” or any form of cyanoacrylate glue.  It is a VERY strong and flexible adhesive that is ideal for this application.  All glass pieces, beads, and small studs/spikes are attached using this adhesive.  Larger studs/spikes are attached to the shoe by use of a smooth-head bolt that passes through the shoe material and into the stud/spike for a solid attachment that is very difficult to damage.

Still, these shoes can be dangerous if worn carelessly, and we accept no responsibility for injury to the wearer or anyone else, or damage to any property as the result of wearing killgurl’s custom shoes.  We do not recommend wearing these while intoxicated or if you plan to get intoxicated.

Cleaning of simple smudges from handling is best done with a clean, dry microfiber cloth like the ones used for cleaning eye glasses etc.  Just lay the cloth over the shoe/glass pieces and move your hand on the cloth while applying light pressure.  The cloth should not move around over the glass pieces very much or slide any.  The simple “smudging” motion will polish the glass pieces and clean off most fingerprints from handling.  Spills may require more thorough cleaning and solutions, but that varies depending on the shoe material.

We hope you enjoy what Mrs. Cannon has created to share with us here, and feel free to contact Lori at killgurl@killboy.com if you have any questions or want to book a shoot or makeup session.